Price ticket

  • Adult: 50.000 vnd
  • Children: 30.000 vnd (từ 3-15 years old)
  • Making Pottery: 40.000 vnd
  • Breaking pot game: 30.000 vnd

Ticket prices regardless of nationality

Open time

  • Monday – Friday : 08:30 – 17:00
  • Saturday, Sunday : 08:00 – 17:30

 For groups and guided tours you can contact the museum


Why visit Thanh Ha Terracotta Park when coming to Hoi An?
– The largest terracotta park in Vietnam
– There’s also a unique terracotta miniature world that’s been extremely hand-crafted
– Exhibition of Terracotta craft villages across Vietnam
– Have an extremely interesting experience with terracotta

NOTE: Thanh Ha Terracotta Park and Thanh Ha pottery village are different places. They operate independently, so entrance tickets are also different. We hope customers will not be confused. Thank you

Visting and experience at Thanh Ha Terracotta Park

Composition Camp-Hoi An Creative Space

Architectural space organization ideas Take the image of the turning table (foot power wheel) as the center of the overall local layout

The river is the water you see, but also the water that has passed and the water that is still to come. Today is the past as well as the future. It is a sequential collection of moments, giving the impression of one continuous flow, one river. This Buddhist way of describing a river is a perfect design description of the Thanh Ha Terra Cotta Park museum. The museum is a continuous shift were past, present and future influence each other…

Investor : nhavietcorp