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  The museum has a nice garden where you can rest for a moment and enjoy a drink. Often you will see our craftsmen working on a new model or making products for the museum’s market. But as you know, children have a lot more energy and do not necessarily want to rest. Therefor we have several small activities for children, both for individuals as for groups. One of our staff members loves to work with kids. Because she’s not always free, it is good to let us now when you’re planning to visit the museum.


  You can book a children’s activity preferably by e-mail: or by phone 0235 3963888 or fax 0235 3963889. Hotline 0919 512 616 (Ms. Phi)






  A small village like Thanh Ha has great potential, because of its history as well for its future, which are both present in the contemporary life.  It is an interesting place from the perspective of many different studies. It has a history that goes back to the  Champ, the Sa Huynh and even older cultures. Thanh Ha has a local economy, which changed greatly over time. Once producing artifacts for the royal court at Hue and providing the houses of Hoi An with bricks and tiles. Hoi An is not the important international harbor it used to be but managed to keep attracting the international visitors.


  A very interestingeconomic development. Likewise Thanh Ha has managed to survive trough the ages in its own fascinating way, facing many changes. Because of pollution the village could not continue to bake with the same technique. They are limited to baking with a maximum of 600 degrees which makes the products less strong than those of competitors. An interesting question is how we can improve this?


  Since the museum is here the villagers see more possibilities for improving their living standards. This will bring changes to the village..


  We develop several educational projects together with students from all over the world. We have the facilities for students to stay at the museum, and together we develop a good plan for the period you want to stay and work in Thanh Ha. There are many possibilities for students, research and educational projects.


  You can book your children’s activity preferably by e-mail: or by phone 0235 3963888 or fax 0235 3963889. Hotline 0919 512 616 (Ms. Phi)





  As we mentioned above, painting masks is a great activity for children. Painting is fun and they learn about historical figures. The masks and paint have a price however and the children in Thanh Ha do not have this money.

  So this is a great opportunity for you to do something very nice and helpful for the children: you can donate a mask by donating …VN (or equal in a foreign currency) to our bank account. The masks you donate will be placed on a board and the children from Thanh Ha can paint them for free whenever they visit. If you are in a very generous mood: a class has 30 children. We will send you the pictures of the class painting the masks.

  “Vietnam has as most countries a lot of fascinating historical stories. Based on the stories and their characters, our craftsman Hung made several masks. Local craftsman are making them for our museum and they are also allowed to reproduce it for their own shops.

  Children love to paint the masks. We tell them the stories so they can give them even more expressions. 

  Unfortunately, they cannot afford to buy the masks. So we thought, maybe you buy a mask for them and then we give the paint for free. The masks cost 50.000,- VD, to donate a mask you only have to donate 30.000,- VD. This can be done by bank transfer or by a donation in the shop.

  On our website you can see pictures of children painting masks on National Children Day."

  You can donate a mask by e-mail: or by phone 0235 3963888 or fax 0235 3963889. Hotline 0919 512 616 (Ms. Phi)