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  It is logic that visitors want to take pictures and you are very welcome to do so. Although we do appreciate it when you help us with some kind of contribution, for instance by enjoying a drink or donating a mask for the children of Thanh Ha.

  We already had several married couples who found our museum to be an excellent place for taking pictures of their special day. Or others who liked to make a video with dancers or singers. You are all welcome. However, because we often have groups and large groups of children visiting the museum, it is good to contact us first, so you know you can make your photos without any problems.

  And very important: when you publish your picture, please add a link to our website or FB.

  You can book your photo moments preferably by e-mail: or by phone 0235 3963888 or fax 0235 3963889. Hotline 0919 512 616 (Ms. Phi)