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  Visitors are always impressed by the charm of our terracotta model park. Terracotta is not as refined or glazing as ceramics. It leaves much more to your own imagination to complete the image. Because of this, terracotta is the perfect material for giving form to your beautiful memories.  The terracotta model is the start: your imagination makes it completes it, every day a bit different. Based on your descriptions and photo’s our pottery team can rebuild your family home or any other building you would like to have as an attraction in your house or park. In fact, we can design a complete model park for you, including the garden that makes your park a great attraction.

  The miniature building populations are landscape of space park. This is a unique and attractive idea. It is miniature the wold's wonders 1/10 ratio: Colosseum, Đức Bà Church Paris, Opera Sysney House, Angkor Wat population - Campuchia, Statue of Liberty National Monument, LonDon Tower Bridge, ...made entirely of clay, made by the artisans in village.

  In addition, The miniature building populations of the domestic famous works such as Mỹ Sơn Holy Land, Champa Statue, Bến Thành Theatre, Đức Bà Church, ...On average, The artisan made each object within 30 days, 3 years for this model. Convergence of domestic famous architecture and world.

  For more information about the possibilities you can contact, preferably by e-mail: or by phone 0235 3963888 or fax 0235 3963889. Hotline 0919 512 616 (Ms. Phi)