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  Thanh Hà pottery village experienced many years. wars, floods, natural disasters and the development of science and technology. But the images of the human, village had conserving  as a separate culture of Quang Nam in general and in particular Thanh Hà village.

  The villagers aware and proud, Thanh Hà village is many of the world's cultural heritage that villagers must preserve and promote because there is the pride of the people of Vietnam.


The Death anniversary day
  The Death anniversary day on the 10th day of January and 10th of July lunar organized at Nam Diêu temples

  On the Death anniversary day they have an annual celebration. The festival features many cultural activities and shows the community spirit of Thanh Ha, always a lively place, with lots of traditional folk rituals.

  From early morning, the main festival procession made up of the locals marches through the streets around the village. Groups of unicorn, professors, an orchestra, the village leaders, a religious procession , a formation holding ceramic incense burners and more than 100 men and women and children leave Nam Dieu temple and make their way to Thanh Chiem temple to pray and make small sacrifices. Here the inhabitants worship, honor and pray in anticipation of the merits and success of their trade or craft.
Long Chu festival
  Long Chu Festival is held on 15/7 lunar calendar, the time where the season change from the dry season to the rainy season, historically a time of raging epidemics spreading across the region. Traditionally, everyone met up at Long Chu to drive out disease. Busy selecting him as the village in the clouds clear.
  The presider is a good priest. He works hard and exorcises the town. The Long chu (dragon boat) was prepared and he will decorate and sanctify it, inking and painting on 2 Long Chu eyes for numerous religious reasons, and to celebrate and initiate the start of the ceremony.
Other festival
  Hoi An people nowadays are still organizing many types traditional festival, tutelary god devotion, commemorate the patriarchs.
The festival in the village are very important. The full moon in January and July residents in Hoi An organize Long Chu festival to mark the time of season change, dry to rainy and rainy to dry, to the notion of eliminating disease, evil spirit, back luck ...
  Boat racing is hold in early full moon in January, praying for a yield fishing season in February and praying for peace in March.



Talking with the artisans in the village.

Travelling around the village, you can call on the kilns of the elderly potters and get more interesting knowledge and information about the pottery and the village through stories with the village elderly who are with bright eyes & smile and specially no forgetful in the stories of Thanh Hà pottery village hundreds of year ago.

  Village tour:
At Thanh Ha, you can see the dance of ceramics in jars, pots, stalls, statues, lanterns; the spirit and soul of the clay, and can hear old stories and tales of the ancestors. If you want, you can sit down and find the soul of the land ...