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Life as an artwork


Douwe Buwalda and Bert van der Sluijs's an artwork
An exhibition show over 50 artwork have designed by the artist for more 1 month at Thanh Hà terra cotta park. Thereby, we send the message, please join hands to protect the environment and resource land. Buwalda artist said: "I want people to feel the artwork ourselft the way", but the final destination as how to create empathy towards human values".
Exhibition attracted many viewers
Known, Douwe Buwalda and Bert Van Sluijs are two well-known artist pottery. "We went go Thanh Hà village on January 2/2014 and was conquered by the material is composed of clay and beauty of traditional handicraft villages. These craftsman have a great connection with clay, especially friendly behavior with whats they have received from the mother land. This is our glamor factor attached to Thanh Ha Pottery Village" - Bert van der Sluijs said.
Arrangement art is 2 arttist forte.
Exhibition last until New Year, Date 1.1.2015.
Tell to you about the beauty and wealth of the land
Working with artisan pottery village.
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