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The wonders of the world is wonderful at the first of Thanh Hà terra-cotta park in VietNam

The park was built since 7/2011, Thanh Hà terra-cotta park (Thanh Hà village, Nam Diêu Thanh Hà ward, Hội An City, Quang Nam) is essentially complete. This park weird especially is made entire terracotta, with 6,800 square meters and an investment of up to 22 billion.

Not only the park is showcase the ceramics, terra-cotta, but also the park is "ambush" of numerous wonder of the world wonderfully, stimulating the curiosity of villagers and visitors
Thanh Hà terra-cotta park impresses with its unique design, it is made entire clay and water
The park space is designed as a potter's wheel strangely and specially.

After more than 3 years of construction, Thanh Hà terra-cotta park opened to welcome the first guests. the tour exhibition is cheap 15.000VND/person. Here, visitors can travel Thanh Hà village, pottery ealier times, see miniature buildings, received gifts. In addition to the feature products of Thanh Hà pottery, Hội An, where also introduced ceramic technology of the famous villages such as Bàt Tràng, Thổ Hà, Phù Lãng, Chu Đậu, Hương Canh, ...

Thanh Hà pottery is made the same material clay and water, The park space is designed as a potter's wheel as the main center for the overall layout. Two main block of park (including Museum and Gallery) are created and stylized image of 2 main types ovens: up draft oven and up face oven. In particular, The Museum is updraft block, retention of traditional values, Gallary block is display openness to development and cultural exchange.

In addition to the reproduction of the famous buildings int he world, coming to this park will release "collection" of historical places in Vietnam such as Nhà Rồng Wharf, Hoàn Kiếm Lake, Hội An, ...

We see masterpieces of humanity is recreated in the first of Thanh Hà terra-cotta park in VietNam
Ancient rocks of Stonehenge (England)
Statue of Liberty National Monument
Pi-sa Tower (Italia)
Pyramids of Egypt
Opera Sydney Theatre (Australia)
Roma (Italia)
The some of wonders of the world:
Images of tombs and magnificent palaces are recreated in unique terracotta material
The inside of the center show famous ceramics.
Photo: Tài Teen - Theo tinin