Thanh Hà pottery village has existed for 500 years. Not only the traditional occupation of village, But also cultural values and history a long-standing of the people of VietNam. So much, hard job, a low income, but the people in the village still preserved and developed until today.

  Looking at the products that artisans create easy but when you work it yourself, you will feel difficult of job that requires we have to skill craftsman hands. Most of the artisans in the village had been trained by his father. With their creation, more and more artists confirmed cultural values in each of their works and they achieved the highest award and foreign friends to know about.
 Since then, they were awarded top honors the "Craftsman"  at the Thanh Hà pottery village.

  Here, we introduce the craftsman to you, they attached Thanh Hà pottery trade
Craftsman: Mr. Lê Quốc Tuấn và Lê Trọng
From the age of 10, he has worked the lands through floods and baking summers, his hands and feet scarred and marked by his work. Then the war started, and families were displaced without homes, feeling the pain of destitution. Once the evacuation was over ,the village began to rebuild. The ceramic craft was revived at this time, with batches from the oven made and transported by boat ready for selling. The whole ceramics village, the potters, they were all impatient to start. The sun comes out after a week of rain. If it is not raining, it is baking hot under the sun. - He says: I believe Thanh Ha is going to live, through listening to the clay we must live. My father also encountered many problems much more difficult, and yet Thanh Ha ceramic village has persisted to this day ...
   He is a pioneer in the field of Thanh Ha pottery, the link between tradition and modernity. Le Quoc Tuan has contributed in no small part to keeping the “burning passion” of his hometown alive. This fire has been kept constantly burning and has been rewarded with numerous awards for pottery works: Soi ball Huaihe River, spend, ceramics ... Sitting between the sprawling terra-cotta products, Le Quoc Tuan smiles at me. The 45-year-old man, with his wife and child , seems constantly busy with work. He says: "I dont need to worry about earning a living anymore. My main concern is to create new products, the village must keep moving forward, we must keep pace with the modern world without forgetting our roots and heritage.”
Mr Tuấn's the miniature buildings
Mr. Tuấn home's ceramics oven