Thanh Hà pottery village has existed for 500 years. Not only the traditional occupation of village, But also cultural values and history a long-standing of the people of VietNam. So much, hard job, a low income, but the people in the village still preserved and developed until today.

  Looking at the products that artisans create easy but when you work it yourself, you will feel difficult of job that requires we have to skill craftsman hands. Most of the artisans in the village had been trained by his father. With their creation, more and more artists confirmed cultural values in each of their works and they achieved the highest award and foreign friends to know about.
 Since then, they were awarded top honors the "Craftsman"  at the Thanh Hà pottery village.

  Here, we introduce the craftsman to you, they attached Thanh Hà pottery trade
Craftsman: Mr. Nguyễn Ngữ
Visiting his self-made oven, a standard but quiet kiln: Either way, I also self-month campaign to also baked a batch oven just for the food for the whole family ...just to give a warm oven. The life of a potter is really hard: burnt by sun, roasted by fire, covered in mud, but they endure and get used to it, they are not sad, and shoulder the burdens with equanimity. Turning pottery into joy.
Mr. Nguyễn Ngữ craftsman's ceramics oven
With deeply furrowed brows, Nguyen Ngu pauses to wipe the sweat from his forehead. These people love the land and meticulously carry out the pots and jars to dry in the sun. Is might be a liveliehood but is also a passion, born of love of the land. He loves his job and through all the bad and good times his life can be summed up in two words: Land and profession