Thanh Hà pottery village has existed for 500 years. Not only the traditional occupation of village, But also cultural values and history a long-standing of the people of VietNam. So much, hard job, a low income, but the people in the village still preserved and developed until today.

  Looking at the products that artisans create easy but when you work it yourself, you will feel difficult of job that requires we have to skill craftsman hands. Most of the artisans in the village had been trained by his father. With their creation, more and more artists confirmed cultural values in each of their works and they achieved the highest award and foreign friends to know about.
 Since then, they were awarded top honors the "Craftsman"  at the Thanh Hà pottery village.

  Here, we introduce the craftsman to you, they attached Thanh Hà pottery trade
Craftsman: Lê Thị Chiến và Nguyễn Lành
Although he is 80 years old, with his hair all white, Nguyen Lanh still has bright eyes, a strong voice, and a steady pace as he leads the procession of village elders on the celebration day. He, and no one else, is the "great gentleman" of the society of Le Thi Chien boat artisans.
Mrs. Lê Thị Chiến craftsman
Mr. Nguyễn Lành products
"My generation was born with clay in our hands, a tradition of craftsmanship, the heritage of our fathers, which we have the responsibility to preserve." Mrs. Chiến said, confirming her words as the belief and conviction of 80 years flashes behind her eyes. It seems time has not affected her golden-tanned hands. Every morning she sits with your whittle and mold the clay into clean, crisp shapes. This continues throughout the day, with her back exposed to the baking sun, delicately and precisely creating with ancient instincts, untired by the day.
When asked, her smile is open and vivacious. “I no longer worry about life and death, with two meals a day there is no need to think of such things. I'm sad now because the life of the village.